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Induction of New and Infant Pupils


This policy was formulated in response to increasing applications for enrolment into the school. It also formulates a framework for ease of induction of new pupils/infants into the school system. The policy was devised by the staff in consultation with parents and Board of Management (BoM).


This policy is in place so that;

• Infant children are not traumatised by the transition to ‘big school’

• The school is seen as a welcoming and inclusive environment

• All new pupils have clearly defined guidelines on school routines

• All parents are kept informed of school policy and procedure re. induction

Roles and Responsibilities:

This policy is made available to all staff who share in the implementation of the school’s induction policy. The Principal monitors the implementation of the policy in the school.

Aims and Objectives

• To smooth the integration of new and infant children into the primary school education system

• To enable the school provide the most appropriate learning environment through knowledge of the academic and social level the child is at

• To enable optimum inclusiveness

Relationship to school ethos and equality:

The ideal of inclusiveness is central to the ethos of the school.

Policy Content


• The school enrolment form is the first step in the induction process. Parents provide all the relevant information necessary for the school to have appropriate child friendly induction procedures in place. The school issues the schools enrolment policy to all applicants at this stage

• In May/June all parents with infants and other new pupils, who have satisfied the enrolment criteria, visit the school for an informal visit and uniform fitting.

• New parents are furnished with the school’s

A. School Booklet which includes:
1. Anti-Bullying Policy
2. Healthy Lunch Policy/Uniform Policy
3. Discipline Policy
B. Booklet for infants
C. School Calendar for the coming year, Booklists & list of school fees

• Junior Infants are required to attend for a half day only (12.30 finish) for the first 2 weeks of the new school year. This greatly assists the smooth integration of infant pupils into the regular school system

• New parents are requested to furnish transport operators with clear instructions re;

o Child’s name

o Pick up point

o Drop off point

o Emergency numbers

• Senior/middle classes are encouraged to show kindness and act as mentors to new infant children

• An information night for parents is held when children are settled – usually near the end of September

New Pupils:

If space is available, new pupils will be accepted into classes other than junior infants satisfying all other enrolment criteria. The following simple procedures to aid inclusion are promoted by the school;

• Every class is encouraged to facilitate the integration of new children through kindness, inclusion etc

• Parents are required to furnish the school with copies of relevant documentation such as school reports from previous schools, psychological reports (if applicable) etc

• Class appropriate standardised tests are administered

• Children are assigned to appropriate age-related classes

• All new children are made familiar with the rules of the school

• Every practicable effort is made to facilitate children who have special talents

• Language barriers are addressed through the provision of a language teacher/ resource teacher

• Home/school links are encouraged and lines of open communication with parents are put in place

Implementation and Review:

The Policy is currently being implemented and will be reviewed in the light of future enrolment trends.