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Communication to Home

Parents are an essential element in the structure of the school and as such it is policy to involve them in as many aspects of school life as is possible. Their opinions both formal and informal will be given due consideration and their offers of help will always be welcome. It is the intention of the school management that parents feel that they are an integral part of the school, that their opinions are always welcome and that their children are receiving the type of education that they are happy with. It is also policy that parents feel comfortable about being part of the school, meeting teachers and being concerned about their children’s welfare and development.

• For parents of new pupils enrolling, a brochure detailing the School Mission Statement, R.S.E. policy and School Rules, together with a Handy Hints and Tips for infants sheet is sent prior to the child’s first day at school. The relevant booklist is also included.

• A newsletter is sent home at the end of each term highlighting important dates and events coming up, along with news of interest from each class.

• Further communication takes place via the many notices/reminders sent throughout the school year informing parents of the school’s activities.

• Individual notes may be sent home from the teacher through the child’s homework journal.

• Written communication from parents/guardians in relation to absences, uniform, homework etc. is kept in a class folder.

• Parents of Holy Communion and Confirmation children attend an enrolment mass.

• All parents are invited to the beginning of the school year mass, which is held in the school hall.

• Great support is given by parents on the Parents Association throughout the year, at events such as, Christmas Concert and Sports Day.

• From time to time parents may be asked to become involved in fundraising, and letters explaining the purpose and the ways in which this may be done, will be sent to each family.

It was ratified on: 31/5/04

Signed: Fr. John O’ Connell, Chairperson, B.O.M.